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Icons made for Round 1 at [ profile] stargate20in20.
20: John Sheppard

+please credit if you take
+comments are always appreciated (feedback greatly appreciated)
+textless icons are not bases

lt. colonel john sheppard )
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Black Nightmares Bleeding )
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Ok I got this idea from [ profile] celeb20in20. I started a new group called [ profile] stargate20in20. You get 20 days to make 20 icons involving a character or actor from stargate franchise. You end up making 10 themed icons, 5 icons as a set in a category and 5 icons of your choice. You have from the 1st of the month until the 20th. Voting is the 21st to the 29th. Winners are posted on the 30th. Sign-ups begin with voting. Current sign-ups for round 1 are up now! Round 1 starts on May 1st. So go get your fave character or actor! [ profile] stargate20in20


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